Patents are the corner stone of many intellectual property portfolios. A patent gives the owner the right to exclude others from making, using, selling, or offering to sell the patented invention. Knechtel, Demeur & Samlan handles patent matters in virtually every technical field. We assist clients in evaluating the patentability of inventions, help obtain domestic and foreign patent protection for inventions, and offer advice regarding the use of patents. If licensing is appropriate, we can negotiate and draft licensing agreements.


Trademarks and service marks are the words, phrases, logos, sounds, scents, and designs that distinguish products and services from one another. Knechtel, Demeur & Samlan has extensive experience in all aspects of trademarks and related matters. We perform searches, offer opinions regarding availability and registrability of proposed marks, file and prosecute trademark applications, and negotiate licensing and royalty agreements, both domestically and internationally.

Unfair Competition

Unfair Competition is closely related to Trademark Law. Unfair Competition laws were created to protect consumers and busniess owners from others whose acts tend to devceive consumers and thereby hurt business owners. Knechtel, Demeur & Samlan has extensive experience handling both state and federal unfair competition matters.


Copyrights can be valuable business assets. For instance, copyrights can protect works such as trade manuals, advertisements, sales brochures, architectural plans, and computer programs. Also, work for hire agreements are essential when outside creative help is used. Knechtel, Demeur & Samlan is experienced in counseling clients in Copyright Law and protecting their rights through copyright registrations.

Trade Secrets

Trade secrets are another form of protection for a client's intellectual property. Unlike a patent, a trade secret does not have a specific time limit and protects the intellectual property as long as the client keeps it confidential. Knechtel, Demeur & Samlan is experienced in determining when trade secrets are appropriate for protecting valuable intellectual property.

Internet Law

As we have seen the Internet is becoming a larger part of our daily lives. As the Internet grows, so too does its legal ramifications. Knechtel, Demeur & Samlan is on the forefront of Internet Law and has handled matters regarding domain name disputes, meta tag use, music distribution licensing and protection of website contents.

Licensing Transactions

Licensing is an equally important aspect of a client's intellectual property portfolio. While a patent allows the owner to exclude others, a license in a patent, trademark, or copyright allows the owner to include others to permit the use of the intellectual property for consideration. Knechtel, Demeur & Samlan has extensive experience in drafting and enforcing appropriate license agreements to increase and protect the value of a client's intellectual property portfolio.

Business Organization

Many of our clients require advice in how to organize and structure their business.  We have helped numerous individuals and start-ups to incorporate and implement patent, trademark and trade secret programs and prepare the numerous agreements that technology related companies require such as employee confidentiality agreements, shareholder buy-sell agreements, web site terms and conditions, manufacturing and supply agreements, and various other business related contracts.   

Real Estate Transactions

Many of our clients require assistance in leasing industrial or commercial real estate in which to operate their business.  We have represented our clients in negotiating leases and purchase agreements for the acquisition of their buildings.  We have also been the general counsel for over thirty years for a real estate developer that has built over one million square feet of industrial condominiums in the greater metropolitan Chicago area.  We have experience in tax deferred exchanges by which our clients have successfully deferred their gains by exchanging their property for other like kind property.